What should prefer a middle class student between Job and Business

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Today I am going to discuss about very important topic which is helpful in your life when you are taking decisions about your career. Everyone dreams a wonderful life and for that everyday we struggles to make it happen. After completing graduation every individual try to get something that gives money to secure a personal life. It may be a job, business or any kind of work. 

What should prefer a middle class student between Job and Business

Here two things matter while preferring between Job and Business, the first thing is your family condition and second is what you want to do for you. I am also from a middle class  family and here I will tell you my own experience and all the things that affect on your career and life.

What should prefer between job and business

Middle Class Peoples General Opinion About Doing Job And Business

If you are in a middle class family then you often heard a common thing that we are not made for business and job is always best. We can't run a business, this is so much risky, why are you doing business, in this way family and surrounding peoples creates fear about business in your mind, so you loose your confidence and hope. They never done a business but they will explain you about disadvantages of business and how a job is better than business. You need to take advice from a successful businessman to get business startup ideas.

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On other hand, these peoples give more important for doing job. Because they only want to secure their personal life and family and they don't want to take risk for doing something different. I think the person want having big dreams and achievements in their life never do job for just live a life. You should think beyond the limits, the world is open for us to do whatever you want.

How To Make Decision Between Doing Job And Business

While selecting between job and business two things matters, first thing is what you need to do right now, and second is your Financial condition. Let's discuss in detail.

If you are fresher graduated student, then I would suggest you to join a job in any firm where you are interested. Because you need some experience and knowledge about corporate business and many things related to business. While doing job, you will learn about Team work, Communication skills, Preparation of work, Decision making and many things that will help you in your future business. Also you will get different Business Ideas and market flow for business in different fields.

Another benefit is that, your financial issues can be solved by your salary and you can save some money for you. So that you can focus more effectively on your work. Many peoples make mistake here, They never do, that need to do right now for them and finally they goes in depression and under stress

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and that badly affect on their personal life. Always keep backup plan for your personal life, it shouldn't be disturbed by your own mistakes. Don't leave your job till you get a good business plan but don't stick too much with your job and always motivate yourself for doing job. Initially just try to keep doing business in your part time.

Once you feel that you have enough resources, you can run your own business independently. That's a great way for students to succeed in business step by step without taking too much risk. Business is not a game to play as a trial. If you start a business without any experience and knowledge then you won't able to make it successful. Unfortunately you loss your time, money and efforts that you have taken. So, first invest in self to enhance your skills and abilities to become a future Businessman.

Job is better than business to satisfy in personal life but If you think beyond the limits and you want to do something different, wonderful then there is a way of business to reach your goals.


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When I was started my first business, initially I was so excited, I've taken lot of efforts for it but it couldn't be run more than 3-4 months. Because I haven't properly planned my financial part so far for personal life and business. But this one failure taught me thousand of new things about business that I will never forget. 

So learn from your failures and don't forget why and where you failed. Keep improving yourself by learning new things everyday of your life and Never Give Up till your last breath. If you like this article, don't forget to share! Thanks.


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