5 Reasons For Preferring Job Instead Of Business In India

Reasons For Preferring Job Instead Of Business

In India, a huge no. of students becomes graduates every year. Most of them start searching job instead of doing something different and interesting in their field. 95 % students thinking about only job to secure and set their personal life. But now a days, the unemployment percentage increasing due to many reasons and reduced the employees demand day by day. 

To handle this situation, we should focus on promoting the students for self employment by availing resources for them. Otherwise this situation will be more worst in future. Many students goes in depression while not getting job or any other earning source. We all need to find solution for some basic requirements for young entrepreneurs. In this article, I have focused on 5 basic reasons that forces students and professionals to find the job.

5 Reasons For Preferring Job Instead Of Business In India

1. Education system in India

The Indian education system is not enough upgraded with time. This need to change from primary education. This old education system produces only skilled workers for companies not more than that. International Motivational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra said in their videos, how Indian education system trapped in big scam. 93 percent of graduates are unemployed every year. Many reputed colleges charges a big amount which couldn't managed by students and their family. If someone takes education loan then after graduates either these students are unemployed or struggling with less salary jobs. They can't pay EMI of education loan.

Again Dr. Bindra said, many colleges doesn't have a well qualified Professors to teach students. Hence, students aren't well prepared so that they are not capable to do what they want to do. Our education system never taught them how to do business and what is fundamentals of business. Students are just prepared theoretically in the classroom in India but practically these students are not capable to solve problems. Finally they try to join any jobs to earn some money for survival. In this worst situation how anyone can think about starting business.

2. Lack of Practical Training and Skill Development for Business

The secret of every successful business is the deep analysis, Continuous learning, Adapt to change and keep updating yourself with time. Many management and engineering colleges in India who haven't a workshop for practical training and doing projects. They doesn't take any entrance exam for Engineering and

Management. This allows students who haven't the capability of doing that education. It creates not only graduates but also a huge no. of jobseekers who just need a jobs. Also they have not got abilities for starting their own business in their field.

If our government provide entrepreneurship training programs and facility for live workshop to everyone without costing too much then, definitely youth will turn to self employment instead of searching for jobs. Already many peoples lost their jobs due to technology and automation in industries. The implementation of above mentioned things is the only way to improve this current situation of unemployment in our country. Government and we together should take necessary actions to make it happen.

3. Not Getting Funding For Capital Investment.

The fundamental requirement for starting business is the FundingMany young graduates want to start their business, even they have a good business model but they are still waiting due to financial problems. In our country, there is no provision of loan facility for small business startup. Current government has taken some important steps to make loan facility more convenient. May be in future, this process will be more convenient for small scale businesses. Then you can Apply Government Loan Schemes for Small Businesses for your business requirement. You can take help from financial institutions, friends and relatives for your basic needs.

In foreign countries, it is easy to startup business, because their both government and private organization provide funding for startup business when they found a strong business model. In India, an individual struggles too much for getting funding for business startup. Hence, many graduates and young entrepreneurs unfortunately turn towards getting any job for them. I personally suggest for doing job initially, learn all the things and then you can setup your business.

4. Personal Or Family Reasons.

Behind every successful person, there is important role of family which continuously supporting in every stage of life. Support from family gives confidence to face or to solve any problems. If anyone going to start their own business, but there is no positive support from family then it's very difficult to stand alone. 

For example, in previous year I have started my small hotel business and I have invested all money in hotel from my savings account. But my family was not agreed with my business so they always opposed me for doing hotel business. I did that business for next 4 months and closed this hotel. The reason is, I was continuously getting demotivated from family, and I was mentally depressed too much and finally took decision to close the hotel. I have experienced how it feels when you get fail.

Whenever you are going to start business, always discuss with your family and close friends about your planning for business. It gives you more confidence and support to get succeed in your business and you will never feel alone in your life.

5. Unavailability of Basic Resources

To stand every business there is need of some Basic Resources at initial stage of Business. It includes a work space for business, Electricity facility with low cost, Water supply, Infrastructure for Small Businesses, Skilled employees, Human resources etc. In India, if we observe excluding some

top cities, we will found that, in some villages there is no proper road facility, No communication facility , no Transport facility. In this situation, how can we think for starting business at our local regions.

Our Government just making Smart Cities but not focusing on development of villages, hence everyone goes in big city for their business and other needs. This causes increasing the population of that cities and their government unable to provide the facilities. 

Finally I want to say one thing, that India is youngest country in the world. If we give right direction to youth for business, then we can expect a huge transformation in every and each part of country.


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