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Monday, 13 July 2020

How To Earn Money Online With Google From Home

How To Earn Money Online With Google From Home

Hello Everyone..!
Many peoples searches on internet about Ways to Earning money online with google. Google has created many platforms to Make Money Online, But the fact is that you have to work and need to spend time to start earning money, you needs patience for things getting done.
Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Source: wikipedia.
Google has launched many Applications and products in different areas to serve or provide better services. Today, I am telling here about most popular platforms by google where you can make good money online from home. You just need to get started with them and work consistently till you found your way. So read this complete article explained with the best money making strategies on Google. 

Popular Ways To Earn Money Online From Google

1. Start Your Blog and Drive Organic Traffic & monetize through Google Ad-sense:

If you have a good writing skills then you can start your Blog free on Blogger. Blogger is a platform by google where you can publish your ideas and thoughts free of cost. You should have your unique and fresh content to engage your audience.
For getting Organic Traffic on your blog, you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to discover your site easily on Google when user searches queries that are relevant to your blog content.
If you have meaningful and quality content then Google will send millions of organic traffic to your blog through SEO.
Once your blog getting stable sufficient organic traffic then you can Apply For Google Adsense to monetize your blog by placing Ads on your blog site. Once ads are live on your blog, when visitors will click on it then you will get paid in dollars based on CPC rates.
You can earn unlimited money through your blog. Many bloggers has made millions through blogging.
There are many ways to monetize your blog like Affiliate marketing, Sponsored posts etc. But one thing you should keep in your mind that the blogging is not a fast and quick method of making money. It takes time to getting things done. So you need to keep working patiently, It's not a one night show. But if you work with passion and never giving up then one day you will definitely get succeed in blogging.

2. Start Your YouTube Channel and Monetize With Google Adsense

This is another Best way to Earn Money Online with google. Many You-tubers around the world making good money by creating YouTube channel. To start your YouTube channel you should have a best topic on which you will create unique videos. First you have learn all basic things like, creating videos, video editing and many other things.
When people watch your videos they will subscribe to your channel, in this way your channel grow up.
Once you build sufficient amount of audience, you can apply for Google Adsense to monetize your YouTube channel. After getting approval, ads will be live on your channel, and you will earn money through it.

Here are some factors which considered by YouTube while approving your channel.

  • You requires watch time of 4000 hours and at least 1000 subscribers to get approved.
  • Your Videos should be original and unique.
  • You should follow Community Guidelines by avoiding restricted content in your videos like child porn, drug etc.You should post quality videos regularly.

3. Earn By Selling Books on Google Play Store

If you have a writing talent and you are passionate for writing, then you can Publish your book on Google Play store. It is the biggest platform having billions of android users. Your book can reach to users through out the globe. When you write a book then list it on Google play Store. Here you can write your own book and sell it without needing acceptance from a book publisher or approval from anyone. you can also sell your book on other marketplaces as well to earn more profit.

Why publish with Google?

  • Here 75+ countries Google Play Books helps you grow a global audience and you can connect with new readers around the world.
  • Around 2+ billion users When you publish on Google Play Books, your books reach in front of over 2 billion Android users.
>Watch Video For better Understanding.

Start Publishing Your Books By Partnering with Google Play Books with below 4 steps:
  • Publish your book by uploading your own content, decide your prices, and target the countries to sell your books in with just a few minutes.
  • Promote your book to Encourage readers to purchase books by linking to the Google Play Books store..
  •  You'll earn up to 70% revenue on books purchased in the US, Canada, and Australia.

4. Take Google Surveys and Earn money

Google has created best platform of earning by giving your opinions with your phone. Google opinion rewards app provide paid surveys. You can't earn here a huge money, but you can earn Rs.3 to 20 rupees per survey from google surveys.

This money you can use to purchase Apps, Books, Games and many more from Google Play Store.
You can earn more money by giving more opinions. You have to frequently check the app for survey availability. You also get notification when survey is available for you.


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