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Saturday, 18 July 2020

How To Earn Money From URL Shortener?

How To Earn Money From URL Shortener?

Hello Everyone,
Today, I am telling about a Simple and easy way to earn money online. Have you heard about URL Shortner? If not, read this complete article, here I have explained all about How to Make Money by URL Shortener and How it Works?

What is URL Shortening?

URL shortening is a technique of converting long URL into shorten by Shrinking it and still direct to the required page. some social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram etc. having character limits of url, so url shortener helps to create shorten links for easy share and aesthetic url.
There are many URL Shorteners available to get shorten your url.

How To Earn Money From URL Shortener?

Making Money from URL shotening is very quick and easy. There is a lot's of ways to link your shorten URL and make money when user click on it. You can earn money each time a short link is get clicked.
Just you need to choose a right URL Shortener which actually works.
Some url shorteners give statistics about clicks, impressions and a other trackable data for links that you shared.
The basic need to Start Earning Through Link Shortener is that, you should have a platform to getting visitors. You can start your personal blog/website, Facebook page, Insta page etc. to drive traffic and earn money through it. It may takes some time but gradually you will get success by working consistently to improve it.

How Much you Can Earn?

How Paid URL Shorteners Works?

Using a url shortener is very quick & easy. Just copy & paste the URL you want to shorten, click to go and you are done. Now you just need to link your shorten link on your site/blog and social media, where you drive traffic. 
When visitors clicks a shortened URL, Ads will displayed on an intermediate page and then you will get paid according to your CPM rate, The visitor is redirected from the intermediate page to the destination page. For all visitors you will earn money like this. You transform visitors into profit. You can use short links everywhere, for e.g. on facebook pages, twitter, emails, Blog, YouTube channel etc.

Best URL Shortener To Make Money in 2020

I have tried many URL shorteners because, many people given review on internet, social media that these are the best link shorteners to earn money online. I have mentioned below some of the best URL shortener sites. So I focus completely on Highest Paying URL Shortener that give you real money with time and additional features that helps you to boost your income.

If you want to make money online through short links, and searching for a URL shortener that is best for you then here I will suggest you the best link shorteners that are trending in market. While choosing best paid URL Shorteners, you should know about it's features that are listed below.

Features Of The Best URL Shortener

  • The Best URL shortener shouldn't irritate link visitors by giving many ad re-directions on intermediate page to reach the actual link.
  • There should not be provided ad-skipping by a captcha.
  • There should not have or show irritating or adult ads to link visitors.
  • There should the lowest minimum payout limit.
  • It should have correct analytics for tracking the data.

Best URL Shortener on which you can trust.

1. is the best URL Shortener in the market having good reputation due to good payout and trust. I personally using for my blog, so as per my experience and opinion it having good paying rates. It is very easy to operate and having analytics feature for tracking. 
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Use link shortener to start making money online. You will get paid for each visit by user to your short link. It has Premium Ads, High CPM rates, Real Time statistics for accurate tracking.

3. is also a popular Link Shortener now a days, many people has given good reviews on internet about this.
It has a simple interface, and a variety of utilities and features. They also provides full mobile supports, you can shorten the URL and view the stats on a mobile device also for exact tracking. will give you good money by using it smartly.
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