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Monday, 1 June 2020

5 Best Ways To Make Money On Amazon in 2020

5 Best Ways To Make Money On Amazon in 2020

Hello Everyone,
You often heard about making money on amazon. Today I will tell you some of the great ways through which you can earn huge money on Amazon. Amazon is world's largest E commerce company. Amazon has developed many platforms to work online and earn money from it. Here I'm telling best Top 5 Ways To Make Money On Amazon in 2020. If you are interested to know about this ways and want to do some creative then read this complete article.

Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money On Amazon in 2020

1. Publish your own books on Kindle Direct

Kindle Direct Publishing is's e-book publishing unit launched in November 2007, concurrently with the first Amazon Kindle device.
If you have your own writing talent then you can earn a good income by publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct. The best thing is that you can publish your ebook absolutely free on this great product by Amazon. Anyone can self-publish a book and sell it on Amazon and earn good money.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing? Watch Video Here for better understanding.

How to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Direct?

You need to select a suitable category for your book idea from Amazon Kindle Direct.

2. Deliver goods for Amazon

How To Earn Money With Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex Home Page

If you have some extra free time and need to make some extra income? Here Amazon brought an amazing opportunity for you. Here I'm telling about Amazon Flex.
Amazon Flex is a program by amazon where external third party contractors, called delivery partners, deliver Amazon orders and get paid through it. Hundreds of millions of items are available through Amazon, including electronics, household essentials, and much more. Delivery partners use their own vehicles to deliver products to Amazon customers and get paid on every package delivery.
Watch the video below to hear about the pay, pace of work, and how Amazon Flex works.

Ho much Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon Flex pays its delivery drivers between $18 and $25 per hour. The pay for each shift is fixed, that means you make the same amount per hour, but the amount each block pays will vary depend on your area, time of day of delivery and the how much packages you can carry at one time.

How To Join With Amazon Flex?

With open opportunities in your area to join amazon flex, you can Sign Up by giving your Social Security number and your background checking.

Requirements for Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

To involve in the hiring process, applicants must have a certain set of requirements:

1. Four-door vehicle: Amazon requires drivers to use a four-door, medium size sedan, truck or lorry to deliver packages to the customers. Smaller four door vehicle can't  hold enough packages for normal deliveries but may be eligible to deliver for Prime Now or Amazon Restaurant. If you have larger vehicles then you will earn more money. So keep in mind things and go further.
2. Age should be 21 years completed: Drivers must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. : Because all your business is conducted through the Amazon Flex app, drivers must own a compatible smartphone.
3. Smartphone: You should have your own smartphone, because all your business activities are conducted through the Amazon Flex app, so compatible smartphone is mandatory. If you don’t have at least an iPhone 5 or Android phone with Android 4.4 or newer, you won’t qualify for amazon flex.
4. Need to Pass a background check: Amazon will process your background check within two to five days and will verify that you don’t have a criminal record or other major criminal offenses in the last seven years.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

What is Amazon affiliate program?

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate program in the world. It allows a website owners, Bloggers, YouTubers, Social media influencers, Developers to earn money as a commission  from Amazon by recommending the product to their customers.
It's totally free for website publishers and bloggers to become Amazon Associates.

How does it work?

You can advertise products from on your sites by creating links. When peoples click on the links and buy products from Amazon, then you earn a referral income. If You are a blogger, a website owner, You-tuber, or even as an Social media influencer can make money from Amazon affiliate program. You have to just recommend the product to your customers from amazon site, if they will purchase the product that you recommended then you will earn some percent of money as a referral Bonus from amazon associates.

Requirements for the Amazon affiliate program?

Here is a three kind of peoples who can join by creating account on Amazon associate are,

  • Peoples who have own Blog/Website.
  • YouTuber/should have own YouTube channel
  • Social media influencers

If you have sufficient amount of audience or followers then you can earn good money with this affiliate program.

4. Join the Mechanical Turk program

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd-sourcing platform for businesses to hire remotely located "crowd-workers" to perform discrete on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to do. It is operated under Amazon Web Services, and is owned by Amazon.

How to Join?

  • Click Create an Account.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Follow process to complete your Requester account registration. When prompted, type your mailing address and accept the Amazon Mechanical Turk Participation Agreement.
  • Your account will be created successfully.

How To Make Money on Amazon mTurk?

5. Work from Home for Amazon

Most people who are looking for work from home jobs, thay have a good apportunity to work with Amazon Jobs. Amazon Virtual Locations helps You to Build a Career from Home. 
If you visit Amazon Virtual Locations Job Page, you will see a different kind of positions available around the world.
You can search jobs by locations, business categories, job categories or keywords as per your interest.
Once you find job for you, Click to Apply Now. entire process, beginning with sending an application to getting an offer from Amazon.
Amazon hires thousands of virtual workers, primarily (but not exclusively) for various phone- and email-based customer service positions.


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