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Saturday, 7 March 2020

How to save money, Easy ways to saving your money

How to save money? Easy ways to saving your money

Saving money is not that hard. You can save a significant amount of cash just by learning how to budget and making some small changes. Not only will you learn to value money in the process, but you’ll also learn which strategies work best for you. Of course, there’s more to saving than just cutting costs. There are numerous ways to make more money so you can save more.
We have only two ways first is to increase income and second is reduce expenses on unnecessary things. If we could not save money for future life then there is big loss of time and efforts that you had taken.
Let's  see here are some Ideas to Save Money.

Easy and Best Ways to Save Your Money

Create a Balance Sheet

American management consultant, Educator and Author Peter Drucker said, "If you can't measure it," You can't Manage it. A personal balance sheet calculates your net worth by comparing your financial assets with your financial liabilities.
Without balance sheet you can't track your money properly.
Personal Balance sheet is great place to figure out what your net worth is.
Once you have created your first balance sheet and you are getting monthly statements of your money earning. No matter how old you are, it’s always a good idea to keep a piggy bank.

>>Watch Video To Know How to Create Your Personal Balance Sheet.

Use Piggy Bank

Containers for storing coins known as coin banks. The general use of piggy banks is to store loose change. To encourage saving, it is smart place. On the top of hollow container there is one small entrance, so coins could enter but not exit because the only way to get coins out was by breaking the container.
Piggy Banks Container are made up of ceramic or porcelain material. It is believed that the popularity of the Western piggy banks originates in Germany, where pigs were keep as symbols of good fortune.
By using piggy bank we can put a good example for our children's.

How To Save Your Money With

PiggyVest helps you achieve financial freedom by enabling you save responsibly and invest on the go. Earn 10% - 15.5% interests on savings and also Earn over 25% return on investments.

Do Shopping Online

 Online shopping is best place to get best deals with exciting discounts on various products and save your money and time.

Why people shop online rather than in store?
71% Internet users worldwide found, physical retail stores difficult to compare products!
It saves time and travelling efforts for shopping.
It is available in all days and all time.
It offers exciting discounts.
It gives to customers a wide variety of product range.
They provide home delivery and also online payment facility is available.
We can compare the prices of products easily so it saves our money in online shopping.

Watch Video:Top 10 Benefits Of Online Shopping

Online shopping is convenient and you often get better discounts than what the local shops have to offer. While doing online shopping, there is option for the coupon, do search for coupon codes to get an extra discount.

Open a deposit account

A bank account that pays interest on your money and is usually not able to be drawn on without notice or loss of interest.
Fix deposit is a low risk investment. The fixed deposit interest is more than Saving account interest.
You can invest in fixed deposit for a short or long tenure.
A fixed deposit gives a fix or stable returns on your money.
You can take loan on your fixed deposit.

Stop purchasing unwanted things

Some times we spend lot of money on purchasing those things which we don't need right now. So it should be keep in mind while shopping. Spend less and concentrate on your basic needs.

Buy some used product

There is some Online Sites which provide used or second hand products for different applications.
You can get best products with good condition. So instead of buying new products, buy this products with best prices and save your money.

Avoid this things to save your money

  • Try to avoid Restaurant food.
  • Focus on generating extra income sources.
  • Know where your money is going and try to control over it.
  • Set short term goals to earning more money.

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