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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Top 5 Part Time jobs for students at home

Top 5 Part Time jobs for students at home

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to explain you about the Top 5 Best part time jobs through which you can earn good income. I'm sure you should not depend on anyone and this will helps you better. There is thousands of fraud companies and consultant on the internet. But I am going to explain Genuine ways of earning good income. So let's discuss Part Time jobs for students one by one.

Top 5 Part Time Jobs For Students



If you are a professionals, college student and preparing for Competitive exams then apart from side you can teach 2-3 hours in a day so that your knowledge will also update and you can earn money from this. You have to start teaching to your nearby area student so that at starting you don't need to travel for this. You can teach students of 1st standard to 12th standard as per your knowledge level. To start tuition you need to go to your nearby school, college, and your nearby colony and discuss with student and their parents about your tuition and fees and convene them.
Watch this video for Teaching Tips for Home Tutors

The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should give best knowledge to students that you have and this is the only one thing will make you successful.
Once student start coming to your tuition then they will also suggest their friends to join yours. Day by day your tuition become famous in your area and you will earn best income from this.


If you don't have time to go anywhere and you are studying and preparing for exams and you are thinking about some income by work at home then you can start professional blogging.
So let's discuss in detail about professional blogging.
Blog is a website maintained by an individual or group of people with their thoughts, opinions and experiences. Blogging can be started by anyone who is good in writing on any specific subject.

You can choose any catagory which you are interested in like:

Music and Art

and many more subjects in which you can Start your blog.
You can start blogging with some of the popular free blogging platforms
like Blogger,, Weebly, Wordpress, tumblr etc.

Business model of Blogging

  • Post regular articles on the subject you selected 
  • Share the posts on different social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.
  • Improve the content continuously based on feedback of your readers.
  • Just give attention on uploading quality content.

Revenue Model 

Once you acquiring good number of views, you can sign up with Google Adsence to display Ads on your site. Also you can do Affiliate Marketing by this. You can refer different products and services to your audience and get commission on the sales of product. As you grow your network there are more Ways to Make Money Online.


Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting products or services of any company by using affiliate link which you can get from company. Someone clicks on that link and go ahead and buy, you can earn commission from them. There are many different affiliate programs.
affiliate program is basically a program in which other people have opportunity to join free to promote a product and ears a commission.
Affiliate link is a special link that will allow to see and track to the company that which sales produced by you and where it is purchased. Company track all the data and make sure you will get paid by promoting the product. Technology with affiliate is pretty accurate up to 99 % so you will get paid exactly on promoting of product and services.
Affiliate marketing is a great thing and so valuable to get started with online because:
  • You don't have to create a product,
  • you don't have to create a service,
  • you don't have to invest,
  • you don't need to have an expert and you don't have to really sell a product.
Basically what you doing is your sharing a product or service with the people which you know like your family members, relatives, your followers. You just get paid by sending traffic of peoples through your subscribers, visitors and followers. It is a great way to start a business without taking any risk.
Examples of affiliate programs are like Amazon which is no. 1 online retailer having an affiliate program known as Amazon Associates. Anybody can join it, it's free.


Career as a Gym trainer is becoming popular in today's youth. Everyone wants to get fit that's why people turned towards gym to stay fit and healthy. Professional fitness trainer's demand increasing day by day and People spending huge money on fitness. Many professional fitness trainer earns good income through it. But you should maintain your fitness first and get training of it. If you want to make career as a gym trainer then it's a good decision for you.

Watch Video: Personal Training As A Career

Why gym/Fitness trainer?

Now a days peoples are more conscious about health, due to this busy work schedule they can't maintain proper diet.
To become fitness trainer there is no certain eligibility criteria. If you have good natural body structure then you can take training of workouts and get information of diet plans and their effects on body. It doesn't required any higher education, students can start it after 10th also.
You should have good communication skills so that you can guide or instruct effectively. It will helps to impress peoples with your work.
Once you become a professional fitness trainer, you can start your own gym and you can earn better profit in this business.


Watch Video: How to start your own YouTube channel

YouTube is a leading platform which has given Platform to the artists in different categories.
In today's digital world YouTube has been keep updated and made a great platform to convert your hobby into successful career.
Here is a big opportunity of part time/full time career with YouTube.

  • How To Start Your Own YouTube Channel? Explained in detail.

You need to start an YouTube channel and upload quality videos with showing your talent in your field in your language. I'm not telling you the whole process of how to become Youtuber, I just give some tips that can help you to become a successful YouTuber.
  • Be the expert of your field
  • Create and Design in your way
  • Analyze What your viewers want
  • Select an unique theme and subject
  • Keep Consistency with your work, never give up.
  • By learning every moment make continuous improvement in your work.
  • Active on social media.
  • Don't go for monetize your channel till you reach sufficient amount of audience.

Keep in mind this all things and just go ahead...Success is waiting for you!


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