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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Fiverr, How to Make account on fiverr, Introduction to Fiverr, fiverr online earning,

Fiverr, How to Make account on fiverr, Introduction to Fiverr, Fiverr online earning

Hello Everyone,

Toady I'm going to explore one of the best Freelancing websites on which you can Earn extra money by using your online skills.
The website name is So let's know more about Fiverr and how it works?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an unique platform to provide Digital products and Services for Buyer and seller.
Fiverr is a Freelance marketplace where people sell and buy their services or products as low as 5$. the company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

Fiverr was founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, and was launched in February 2010.

How does fiverr work?


Millions of people in the world always want to get something which can be done on internet.
Somebody wants to get sketch while someone else want to make Mobile App, someone wants a video and someone Web Design.

This people goes on Fiverr to find someone to do this work for them.
If you have a skills to do that jobs then you can start Fiverr online earning.

How to make account on fiverr?

  • Firstly go to the site
  • Then click to join option.
  • Set your profile details with profile photo and Enter language details.
  • Add your payment details and write something in brief about yourself in profile section.
  • Then click on save changes button.
  • Again go to in your To Do list.
  • Complete the gigs and submit

There are thousand of job that can be done here and for each job you can earn 5$, thats why it's name is Fiverr.
Gigs is a name for services or work. Here you can find thousands of gigs.

Fiverr fees

For each gig you get paid 5$. You get paid after gig is finished.
Fiverr deducts 20% or $1 and pays you $4.

What services can be offered on Fiverr?

  • Translation
  • Create video advertisements
  • Paint/draw pictures
  • Design business cards
  • Design logos and banners
  • Write articles or blog posts
  • Write resumes and cover letters
  • Write letters/emails
  • Offer your handwriting services (thank you notes, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Turn photographs into paintings/digital images
  • Do keyword research for people looking to improve their website SEO
  • Create PDF files
  • Sing songs on video or audio for others
  • Write songs or jingles


Know more about fiverr?

How to start work on fiverr?

Is this article helpful for you?
Tell us in comment section and keep visiting and sharing this site.
Have a Good Luck!

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